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Our special offer includes Dvd & Book at a reduced     rate, plus bonus Pdf.                                                            


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Evolving Creatives delivers a wide range of bespoke workshops and presentations on Black History designed to empower and inform both children and adults.

We cover the ancient, mediaeval, and contemporary periods, celebrating African achievements and drawing lessons from them that can be applied today.

Books and Dvds


Purchase our range of educational books and Dvds.

Our latest publication is ‘The Afrikan Literary Heritage’. A History and Activity book. 


Evolving Creatives delivers tours of the British Museum. Our program Ancient Games is a family based interactive workshop using Museum exhibits to reveal the history of games and the African contributions to them. We also facilitate tours revealing the hidden African histories within the museum for Students and Adults.  


We create empowering spoken word and music DVDs that uplift and educate.


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