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African Heritage & Black History Consultant

Evolving Creatives delivers a wide range of bespoke workshops and presentations on Black History designed to empower and inform children and adults. 
We cover the ancient, mediaeval, and contemporary periods, celebrating African achievements and drawing life lessons from them that can be applied today.

Did you know there was global radical Black Christian movement in the C18th, C19th, and early C20th. A movement that fought against Colonialism, laid the foundations of Pan-Africanism, and created Black Liberation Theology. 

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It heavily influenced religions such as Rastafari and the Moorish Temple. It's ideas were taken on by generations of black leaders. The Honourable Marcus Garvey, The Honourable Elijah Muhammad, Martin Luther King and James Cone.

Based on extensive research I conducted for my Masters Degree 'Ethiopianism - The Forgotten Movement' sheds light on a little known yet highly influential chapter in Black history. 

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My Story

I'm a Historian, Author, Teacher, Musician, Filmmaker,

and creator of Educational Products.

I've been a music teacher for thirty years working in schools, colleges, and with organisations such as the London Philharmonic Orchestra.

As a teacher of Black History and African Heritage for over ten years I devise and deliver educational projects and workshops for children and adults. I work with supplementary and state schools, community groups, and local authorities. My work includes the educational Dvd 'Everyday Life in a West African Empire'. His book 'The Afrikan Literary Heritage - History & Activities book'. I'm co-creator of the online African Heritage and Black History course 'The Black Secret'.

I hold a Masters Degree in 'African History and the History of the African Diaspora' from Chichester University, and I'm doing my PhD in the same subject. I conduct tours of African artefacts at the British and Petrie Museums in London.

As an independent filmmaker I've written and directed single dramas, and composed soundtracks with Channel Four, BBC, BFI, and Sankofa films. I now create my own educational videos.

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To Study, To Learn, To be Wise

Museum Tour Guide

The British and Petrie museums in London hold countless African artefacts which give us deep insights into the lives of ancient African people. Come join my tours where I'll identify these artefacts and reveal their significance. 


Educational Products

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Workshops & Presentations

Evolving Creatives delivers bespoke workshops and presentations for adults & young people that cover the full spectrum of African Heritage & Black History

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Evolving Creatives

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