Evolving Creatives devise and deliver Black Studies and African History Workshops and Presentations for young people and adults, for schools and community groups.

Past and present workshops include:

The African Literary Heritage Zoom Presentation

Join Danny Thompson Online as he takes you on a journey of Afrikan Literature through the Ancient and Mediaeval periods to the Modern Era; and the Impact of Afro-Caribbean culture on The English Language and Literature

26th August 2020 7-8.30pm

Family Creative Workshop

Creative writing workshop for families 

Explore writing for storytelling and self-development.

August 12th to August 22nd

The Afrikan literary heritage Book Presentation

Book presentation and talk.

Pan-Afrikan Society Community Forum, 336 Brixton road, SW9 7AA, May 17th 2019

African tour of the British Museum

A tour of the Ancient Egyptian, Nubia, Phoenician, and West African exhibits within the museum and their related histories.

City of London College March 26th 2019

The Afrikan literary heritage

Workshop presentation of the book of the same name. Exploring Afrikan literature from the pre-historic to the ancient to the mediaeval to the modern.

CSEP Literary Festival March 9th 2019 


Great Achievements of African Men

Examples from the Ancient, Mediaeval and Modern periods and traditional rites of passage for African boys to men.

Black Self Development Program - HMP Bullingdon - 2018

How Black Studies Can Change Your Life

Mental Health Awareness.
Black History Month Presentation - HM Prison & Probation Service - 2018

By Supporting Each Other We Support Ourselves

Examples from the Ancient, Mediaeval, and Modern eras of how African people have shaped the world in all areas of life.

Black History Month Presentation - TFL - 2018

The Afrikan Literary Heritage

Tracing the evolution of written language and literature from the Prehistoric period, through the Ancient, Mediaeval and Modern eras.

YLN - Wandsworth Schools - 2017-2018

How Black Studies Can Change Your Life

How knowledge of history empowers the self.

Black History Month Presentation - TFL - 2017