An 'In-Cell Resource' for inmates in prisons and Youth Offending Institutions.

This Workbook explores lessons that can be learned from the achievements of Black men throughout history.

A guide for life transformation for Black men of all ages. 

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"The Afrikan Literary Heritage" draws a coherent, chronological narrative which enables the reader to chart the history of Afrikan literature from the ancient to the mediaeval to the modern period. The book includes illustrations and activities designed to deepen your understanding of Afrikan literature and inspire further exploration.

A ground-breaking educational DVD which explores the rise, reign, and collapse of the great West African medieval Empires: Ancient Ghana, Mali and Songhai.


Explore the great empires ruled by Emperors Zuwa Kusoy, Sunni Ali, and Askiya the Great. Learn how a thriving everyday community life was maintained, how children were schooled, universities built, and a prosperous global economy created.